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Head of Growth / BD

Astroport Foundation

Remote (Europe preferred)

Astroport Foundation is a not-for-profit research and development firm dedicated to building and advancing concepts related to automated market making (AMM) and liquidity provisioning in the growing digital asset market. The Astroport Foundation is a primary contributor to Astroport, the leading AMM across 4 Cosmos-based blockchain networks (Neutron, Injective, Sei and Terra) and one of the top AMMs in crypto. Previously incubated as part of Delphi Labs and the larger Delphi Digital group, Astroport Foundation has been formed to focus exclusively on automated market making and related liquidity primitives. Our team is primarily located in Europe but we work in a remote-first environment. We also regularly get together for in-person events which help us to align and strategise our focus. At Astroport Foundation, our goal is to continue to drive the crypto asset space forward through our R&D contribution. If this sounds like what you want to spend day and night thinking about, we’d love to chat.

Job Description

The Astroport Foundation is primary composed of technical team members who are focused on building the best AMM product in crypto with an “always be shipping” mindset, but we believe that the best products also need great distribution. We are looking for an experienced growth operator to help expand Astroport’s distribution through ecosystem partnerships, strategic dealmaking, and creative marketing.


* Build and manage relationships with ecosystem partners (Cosmos L1s and strategic dApps) and develop creative solutions for driving growth in liquidity and trading volumes with these partners * Proactively reach out to projects across the Cosmos ecosystem to ensure that Astroport is the go-to choice for token and liquidity deployment * Collaborate with internal team members, external marketing partners and KOLs to develop and execute strategies to raise awareness of Astroport to new markets and user groups * Develop and execute campaigns to share new research and product developments associated with Astroport * Solicit user and community feedback and work with the product team to ensure Astroport is the best experience for liquidity providers


* Demonstrated experience in a growth or marketing related role within crypto * Experience with crafting and negotiating investment and/or partnership deals * A strong social presence within Cosmos and/or DeFi communities and the ability to shape narratives via social channels * Excellent communication skills, a team player who enjoys thriving in a collaborative environment * Ability to work in a fully remote agile environment and maintain delivery tempo * (Preferred) Experience working in or active within the Cosmos ecosystem

Compensation and Benefits

* Compensation: You’ll have a competitive salary + token upside. * Impact: You’ll work with some of the smartest people in the space and play a pivotal role in influencing the way some of the most popular crypto applications are built. * Learning: You’ll benefit from the cumulative knowledge base of Astroport Foundation and Delphi’s 60+ person team, their portfolio companies and extended network. The only limit to your rate of learning will be your own initiative. * Uncapped potential: Astroport Foundation is constantly growing and you’ll have the ability to take on more responsibility, progressing with the organisation. * Autonomy: While there are certain fixed responsibilities, you’ll be able to dictate how you spend your time based on where your interests lie. * Flexible schedule: You’ll be able to work remotely and manage your own time. As long as your core responsibilities are met, your schedule is what you make of it. We strongly believe a proper balance between work and free time allows for creativity and innovation to thrive. * Intellectual Freedom: You’ll have freedom to develop novel models and frameworks for innovative financial products and turn ideas, theories and research into implementations with real impact.

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