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We've built and consulted for some of the most successful projects in the space

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Projects we worked with

The goal of the Delphi Accelerator is to take our lessons and help build the next generation of important protocols.

Our team and mentors

We can provide you with expertise in risk analysis, token design, legal, smart contracts, investing and project leadership.

Gabe Shapiro

Gabe Shapiro

GC Delphi Labs

Jose Macedo

Jose Macedo

Head of Delphi Labs

Luke Saunders

Luke Saunders

CTO Delphi Labs

Larry Lyu

Larry Lyu

Head of technical R&D

Yan Liberman

Yan Liberman

Founder Delphi Ventures

Jonathan Erlich

Jonathan Erlich

Head of Risk Delphi Labs

Sunny Aggarwal

Sunny Aggarwal

Founder Osmosis

Konstantin Lomashuk

Konstantin Lomashuk

Founder P2P & Lido

Starting a crypto project is hard

Most of your effort early on is spent picking and refining the right idea, raising funding, finding like-minded builders to work with you, working through legal issues such as whether your token is a security, where to incorporate an entity… the list goes on.

We provide ideas

We leverage the Delphi hive-mind to open-source the ideas we feel are most promising. We then help teams refine and iterate on their solutions.

We get you funding

We give teams seed funding and leverage our network to help them raise follow-on rounds from the right partners.

We have the network

We speak to teams regularly to figure out their needs and connect them to the right advisors, ecosystems, and potential users.

Legal & operations

We've put together best-in-class templates for all essential documents that a crypto startup needs. We also work with a partner firm who shares our philosophy and will prioritise our projects.

Hire the right talent

We systematically attract talent and allocate it to accelerated projects. We'll do this through regular tweet threads, being proactive in communities, and screening talent.

Mechanism design

We've worked on token economics and mechanism design with projects like Aave, THORChain, Axie, and many others. We've seen many different models, we know what works and what doesn't.

All roads lead to the accelerator

Road to the accelerator

Teams can either apply directly to the accelerator or participate in our open hackathon.

The hackathon is an intense four week program of building which provides us with an opportunity to get to know each team much more deeply than an application or interview would ever achieve.

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Direct application

Teams can apply directly to the accelerator by simply completing a form and recording a short video.

Apply directly
Registrations open
Apr 3, 2023
Open hackathon start
May 1, 2023
Finalists selection week
May 8, 2023
Hackathon finals
May 15, 2023
Accelerator selection
May 30, 2023
Accelerator starts
Jun 5, 2023

Build one of our ideas

We've leveraged the Delphi hive mind to come up with a list of ideas synergistic with our partner Cosmos ecosystems. They range from DeFi projects that can be built as smart contracts, or projects which could be app-chains leveraging the benefits of customisability.

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Token launchpad

For better or worse, launching tokens is undoubtedly one of crypto's killer apps. Nevertheless, and despite significant improvements since the ICO days, this is still an inefficient, flawed process both for project founders and launchpad participants.

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Prediction Market - Betting

Prediction markets (PMs) are one of the crypto use cases that most captured people's imagination. It was mentioned in the original Ethereum whitepaper and Ethereum's first ICO (Augur) raised $5.5M to build the world's first decentralized prediction market.

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Fixed Rate P2P

Currently, the DeFi lending landscape is dominated by Peer-to-Pool, variable rate models characterized by governance-heavy* architectures where most risk-related and other critical parameters (such as interest rates) are determined by governance in a top-down (and at times reactionary) fashion.

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